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A Web Site For Foreigners in China And All Who Are Interested In China

1) This site is built for foreigners in China and all who are interested in China to have a quick knowledge about the country and Chinese culture. You will find concise summaries of different aspects of Chinese culture. The introduction will be made in comparison with western culture, which will make it easy to understand from a western culture's point of view.

2) You will find in this site information that western people are most eager to know about China such as Chinese New Year, Chinese Zodiac, how to write English names in Chinese etc.

3) You will also find guide to daily life of foreigners in China such as food, travel, places of interest etc basing upon my personal experience.

4) One distinguishing feature of this web site is that the information you find here are basing upon the original traditional Chinese culture that had not been polluted by the Communist propaganda.

Why is it not easy to truly know about China?

  • Chinese language Characters are symbols describing object shapes. This is quite different from western language letters which are symbols describing pronunciations. So it is a little difficult for western people to learn. The language barrier has not made it easy for foriegners in China to know deeply about Chinese culture.

  • China has experienced a period of havoc since the Chinese Communist Party took control in 1949. The Traditional Chinese Culture was totally ruined and the whole generation of intellectuals was persecuted. So even the majority of Chinese people do not know the real Chinese culture either. In consequence this root problem has made informaton on real Chinese culture just unavailable to foreigners. In China, if you are traveling there or doing business there, please bear in mind that the culture in the main stream society there is actually a modernized Communist culture instead of Chinese culture.

Who am I?

I was born in China. I lived in Beijing for ten years before going abroad. I am now living in Ireland with an Irish citizenship. I love China and I love all peoples.

I know China including its brilliant past in ancient times, its sorrowful history in the twentieth century, its economic boom in the last two decades and the current problems. I also know western culture. My experiences of living and receiving education in both China and western countries have given me the motive as well as knowledge to help with this cultural exchange. I hope this web site can help both Chinese people and foreigners in China. You will be very much appreciated if you could let me know your comments on this web site.

Ming Zhao

Feb. 2008


Comments from visitors

I find your art to be unique, and I have no doubt that there are many of us who appreciate your fine efforts.
Yours Affectionately,

-- Marshall C. Suess (from United States)

I find your site neat and helpful. a couple of family members and I are getting tattoos to remind us whats important in life and what weve been through together. I got strength off your site and would like to know the symbol for family and life in kai shu. thank you!:)

-- Alyssa (from Canada)

First off I want to thank you for putting up this interesting site. I was surfing the web tonight because I'm hoping to plan a trip to China soon and found your site. My knowledge of China and it's culture is just marginal but I'm very much fascinated by it and I'm still learning.

I've listened to the traditional music you have here and love all of it, but there's one piece I absolutely adore and that's PuDu, the Universal Salvation piece.

-- Karen (from Italy)

Hi, I just got a email from this webside, and I love it. my great grandparent was from China; they later moved to VN.

Thank so much for this webside.

-- Mai Seidel (from United States)

I am from India and from my childhood, i have always been fantasize about chinese culture , martial arts, its food, music, people and legends and history. So, to a person like me, this website is a treasure. i have never been to china but once in a lifetime, i will definitely make a visit there...

Keep up the good work
warm regards

-- Tarun Gupta


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