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Buddha wallpaper - Let Buddha's countenance bring peace and harmony to you everyday

Buddha is divine being with great compassion. Putting Buddha wallpaper on your computer desktop can bring you a peaceful and harmonious heart state. The following are some carefully selected pictures of Chinese Buddha statues and paintings.

Consecration of Buddha Statue

By the way, I would like to talk a little about the consecration of Buddha statue. The consecration of a Buddha statue is called Kai-guang in Chinese, which means "Turn on the brightness". It is not merely an unveiling of the statue. The consecration of a Buddha statue is to have well-achieved Buddhists, monks and nuns to chant Buddhism scripture sincerely together so that a body of the Buddha in another dimension can be invited to stay at the statue. A Buddha has countless divine bodies in other dimensions.

Whether Kai-guang can be successfully done or not depends on how sincerely the Buddhists chant the Buddhism scripture. It is not the case that Kai-guang can be accomplished as long as the ceremony is held.

Nowadays, even some monks do not know how the Kai-guang process should be done. Once in a Kai-guang ceremony in Hong Kong, a famous monk was seen holding a mirror and reflecting sun-light onto the Buddha statue. He thought that was the way to do Kai-guang, which was just too absurd.

A Buddha statue that has not been successfully consecrated shall not be worshiped, because without a Buddha body being there in anther dimension, there will be no one to respond to the worshipers. More seriously, some evil ghost may jump on to the statue and they will be taking advantage of the worshipers.

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