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What Are The Basic Principles Of Chinese Love Horoscope Compatibility?

Chinese love horoscope compatibility is analysed basing upon the pair of lovers' birth year-month-date-time information, which is called the Four Pillars of Destiny or the Eight Characters of Birth Time. According to the traditional Chinese marriage culture, it was a routine step for the matchmakers of both sides to exchange the pair's Four Pillars of Destiny.

The basic principles to judge the compatibility of horoscope signs between a man and a woman are as follows:

1. They must have the same level of fortune manifested in their Four Pillars of Destiny. They definitely won't be able live their life together if one has a big fortune and the other dooms to be poor. If they really got married, it would bring about harm and other troubles to the poor one.

2. The descendant information manifested in their Four Pillars must be compatible. They cannot live a life together if one person's Four Pillars says he has a lot of sons while the other's Four Pillars say she will have no son.

3. If the composition of Five Elements manifested in their Four Pillars are just supporting each other and balancing each other, it will be ideal.

However, I am not going to provide a online service to tell your compatible horoscope signs. I am only making a general introduction to Chinese astrology from a cultural exchange perspective.

Please refer to my Horoscope Sign Explanations page for more information about fortune-telling via Four Pillars of Destiny.

Inaccuracy of love horoscope compatibility for modern life

The classic book on fortune-telling "Annotations of 'Zi-ping Zhen Quan'" says, "Regarding the good and bad lucks in a person's life, the closer elements to the person, the more accurate predictions can be made."

In traditional Chinese society, a whole gens lived together. They influence each other closely. In such circumstances, predictions about parents, wife, and brothers could be accurately made. However, in western society, when young people get married, they set up their own home and do not live together with parents. So the influence between people and parents are very loose and little. Consequently it becomes difficult to predict relationship between one and one's parents.

Furthermore, many modern couples have their own careers, properties and bank account. Some even do not live together much for work reasons. So couples do not rely on each other and influence each other as much as couples in traditional society. In such circumstances, the above Chinese love horoscope compatibility analysis made according to one's inborn information such as Four Pillars won't matter much.

Therefore, it may not be really useful for those people seeking short romantic relationship to examine if the other party has compatible horoscope signs because they won't really influence each other much. Love horoscope compatibility only has a significant effect if you are seeking traditional family life.

However, it is not the case that the modern free style family life is better. It is actually very bad. When the basic unit of a society is unstable, the society won't be stable. It will bring countless problems to the society.

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