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How to read my Daily Horoscope?

How to read my daily horoscope? In ancient China, people used the Yellow Calendar to do this.

In ancient China, people used the Yellow Calendar published by the special Astrology department to count their months and days as well as to find out the favorable date for important life events.

The Stem-Branch Numeral System Used in Yellow Calendar

In Chinese Astrology, the year, month, date, and hour are all counted using the Stem-Branch Numeral System. The Stem-Branch expression of year, month, date, and hour goes in its own separate Sexagenary Cycle.


  • It takes 60 years to complete a Stem-Branch cycle of years. The Stem-Branch expression of year is also included in Chinese Lunar Calendar. li>It takes 60 months or 5 years to complete a Stem-Branch cycle of months.
  • It takes 60 days to complete a Stem-Branch cycle of days.
  • It takes 120 hours or 5 days to complete a Stem-Branch cycle of dual-hours. In Ancient Chinese culture, each "hour" is equal to the current two hours.

    This Stem-Branch expression of month, date and hour is not popular. It has mainly been used by astrologers.

You may say that the Stem-Branch expression of year does not correspond to a unique year in a long period of history. It is true. So when the unique year in history needs to be identified, Chinese people addressed the year using the governor's regnal name and the number of years since his governing.

Because the Sexagenary Cycle is not very handy when counting the month, date, or hour. In ancient Chinese government, there was special astrology department in charge of making calendar and publish it for people to use. So it is called Emperor Calendar or Royal Calendar. Today people also call it Yellow Calendar. (In Chinese "Emperor" and "Yellow" have the same pronunciation.)

Yellow Calendar vs. Lunar Calendar

The "month" in Chinese Yellow Calendar is actually neither the month in Gregorian Calendar nor the month in Lunar/Agriculture Calendar.Chinese Lunar Calendar's month strictly accords to the moon's orbiting the earth while Chinese Astrology Calendar's month is divided by the Solar terms.

Read My Daily Horoscope in the Yellow Calendar

The Yellow Calendar includes much more information than the Stem-Branch counting of year-month-days. For each day, it also tells:

  1. The Stem-Branch expression of today's year-month-date.
  2. It is favourable to hold what kinds of events, and unfavourable to hold what kinds of events on this day.
  3. Today is unfavorable to people of which specific Chinese zodiac animal.
  4. Today's unfavorable direction.
  5. Today's location of Pregnancy God.

The types of events being considered in the 2nd item above include:

  • Religious rites
  • Consecration of Buddha statue
  • Pray to gods for fortune
  • Pray for a male descendant.

  • Encoffining.
  • Moving coffin.
  • First digging of construction project of a tumb.
  • Entombment
  • Repairing of tomb.

  • Wedding ceremony
  • Engagement
  • Ceremony for entering adulthood.

  • The first digging of a construction project for a human building.
  • Sweeping and cleaning up of house.
  • Repairing of human house
  • Placement of bed.
  • putting up the girder of a building
  • Tearing down a building.
  • Installation of front gate.

  • Moving home.
  • Go on a trip

  • taking up one's post.
  • Opening a business or shop.
  • Hanging of the name board for a business or shop etc.
  • Signing contract for sales or purchase.
  • Trading
  • Incoming of property, good, money, collecting taxation, asking for payment for debts, putting harvested crops in to repository etc.
  • Planting.

You can click here for a Yellow Calendar site in Chinese.

This English web site can convert Gregorian dates into Stem-Branch representation of year-month-date. It is addressed as "Chinese Solar Date" in the web page.

However, the advices given in Yellow Calendar is not as accurate and as the predictions made for a specific person according to his or her Four Pillars of Destiny.

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