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Chinese Symbols Meanings Found Easy!

If you want to learn writing Chinese characters, you have to understand Chinese symbols meanings.

Chinese characters are composed of character parts, which is just similar to that English words are composed of roots, prefixes and suffixes.

Many English word elements can be traced back to ancient Romans or Greek. Similarly, Chinese characters have their ancient orgins, which are the ancient Chinese characters inscribed on tortoise shell and bones, or bronze instruments. The only difference is that Chinese character parts are derived from diagrams of real object shapes, while western language parts are series of phonaetic symbols.

The way in which Chinese characters are composed are very sensible and logical, so it is easy to understand.
For example, "日" is the Chinese symbol for "sun", while "月" is the Chinese symbols for "moon". Now put them side by side, "明", which is my Chinese first name, means "bright".

Another example, "木" is the Chinese symbol for "tree". Now let's put two trees together: "林" means "woods". Then can you guess what it means if three trees are put together? "森" m--e--a--n--s -----> "forest"! Isn't it reasonable?

Third example, "忍" is the Chinese symbols for "endurance". Why? If I tell you what each part of it means, you will understand immediately. The top part "刃" is the Chinese symbol for "blade", while the lower part "心" is the Chinese symbol for "heart". When a blade is put on one's heart, one needs to endure indeed!

The following are some examples of several typical Chinese characters parts.

bio-, bi-life, living organismbiology, biophysics, biotechnology, biopsy
body related - chest, - feet; - stomach; - bowels
made of metal - iron; - silver; - bronze
water related - river; - wash; - dip

Every Chinese character part has evolved from an ancient form. There are special Chinese dictionaries that explain the origins and ancient forms of Chinese characters. See my page on Chinese symbol history for more on Chinese symbols meanings.

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