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Everyone may have a China story to tell. Don't believe?

Have you done a trip to China or are you planning to go to China?
Have you been to a Chinese restaurant?
Have you bought some good stuff from a Chinese supermarket or are you trying to buy some Chinese clothes/food/home ware etc?
Do you have a Chinese spouse/colleague/employee/friend?
Do you do business with China or are you trying to do business with China?
Or have you adopted a Chinese baby or are you going to adopt one?
Are you learning Chinese language or are you going to learn it?

You must have a story about China to share or a curious question about China to ask. Don't be shy. Share YOUR STORY or YOUR QUESTION ABOUT CHINA with our visitors!

Please select one of the following topics to go in. If you find your story or question does not fit in any of the following topics, please click here to send your story/question to me directly. (Please mention in your message "China story/question sharing".)

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