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China Eating Out Guide - Summary of Review
Quality of FoodFea-
of Food
of Service
Main visitors
Restaurants in Hotels of **** and above very goodvery goodpoorvery highvery goodgoodyesforeigners, Chinese businessmen employed by foreign companies or very big Chinese companies
High level restaurantsvery goodvery goodvery goodhighgoodvery goodpossible,
corporate-funded consumers from big companies or government, very high income Chinese professionals
Middle level restaurantsgoodgood, dependssome are very goodregulargoodvariedunlikelycorporate-funded guests from small companies, Chinese professionals with good income
Specialized restaurantsregulargoodvery goodcheapregularregularunlikelymass urban Chinese people
Cheap restaurantspoorpoor, some are goodregular, some are goodvery cheappoorregularnomass urban people
Food courts on top floor of big shopping mallspoor, crowdedgoodvery goodregularregularself-servicenomass urban Chinese people, professionals
On street food standvery poorpoorpoorvery cheapvery poorself-servicenograss-root people, urban people

Name DescriptionCategory Instrument File SizeLink
unnamed Composed and played by Chen Zhiping koto (Guzheng) 3.2 MB Downlaod
SpringComposed and played by Qi XiaochunErhu (two-stringed Chinese fiddle3.9 MBDownload
Lantern Illuminating Devine LandAccompanying music for a dancing performance program Chinese orchestra14.7 MBDownload
Song in my heartSung by myselfsong accompanied by orchestra4.5 MBDownload
High Mountain and Flowing WaterA famous classical Chinese musicgu-zheng2.5 MBDownload
Woodsman And Fisherman's TalkA famous classical Chinese musicgu-qin7.3 MBDownload
Ten Side AmbushA famous classical Chinese music. It describes a very famous war in 202 AD, in which Liu Bang totally defeated Xiang Yu and established Han Dynasty.
In the war, Liu Bang's General Han Xin firstly pretended to be defeated in the first battle and withdrew. Xiang Yu did not realize it was a scheme and ran into the ten side ambush setup by Han Xin. Xiang Yu's army was cut into several segments. Xiang Yu tried to break out of the ambush with several hundreds of soldiers. However, Xiang Yu's troop was driven to the river side and had no way to go. Xiang Yu fought until all his followers died. He killed himself at the end.
Pipa7 MBDownload
Name DescriptionCategory Instrument File SizeLink
Universal SalvationA masterpiece composed in 1990s that will be the classic in the future and deserves listening for many times. Very touching. This music is "Ming's Special Recommendation" in this whole library of Chinese Music Downloads.ensemble. Having one period of Xiao solo.33 MB, 128 kbpsDownload
Saving the WorldA future classic. Very peaceful. This is the sister music of the above "Universal Salvation". ensemble33MB, 128 kpbsDownload


Name DescriptionCategory Instrument File SizeLink
Plum Blossom in Snow-Bamboo flute, accompanied by piano.3.4 MB 64kbpsDownload
China eating out guide: Fried Soybean Sauce Noodle
Fried Soybean Sauce Noodle.

When working in Beijing, I ate through all the cheap restaurants down the street of my workplace. In one of the cheap restaurants, they served excellent ¡°Noodle with Fried Soybean Sauce¡±. I went there from time to time to enjoy the noodle. ¡°Noodle with Fried Soybean Sauce¡± is the only "Ming's Special Recommendation" in this whole "China Eating out Guide".

For foreigners, the cheap price may not be main criterion for you to choose this kind of restaurants. The food served in this kind of small restaurants can be found in better restaurants as well. However, if you speak reasonably good Chinese and just want to experience ordinary Chinese people¡¯s life, you can go to these cheap restaurants. If your Chinese friends know some good cheap restaurants, you can go with them as well.

  • Food Courts at top floor of big shopping malls

    Nowadays, in China's big cities, it is popular for big shopping malls to have food court at the top floor. Some shopping malls' food courts are excellent for its extremely diversified food. What are served at such food court are not dishes but small eatings like fries, dumplings, porridge etc. And they just cooked the food in front of you for you to see. The hygiene and quality of food was acceptable.

    This kind of food courts is where urban Chinese people like to go. At meal time, it is often over-packed. The price is not expensive.

    I seldom went to such places when I was in Beijing, because it was too crowded and I did not like to spend time in queuing.

  • On-street food stand

    In China's cities, many breakfast providers just set up temporary food stands beside roads in the morning. I often had breakfast at such places on my way cycling to work.

    What I ate at the on-street food stands was the typical breakfast food in north China - Youtiao (Deep Fried Strip of Dough). It was normally served with Rice Porridge, or Soy Milk or Hundun (Wonton in Cantonese, a type of dumpling served in soup).

    China eating out guide: Youtiao
    Youtiao (Deep fried strip of Dough).

    China eating out guide:Hundun
    Hundun (a type of dumpling served in soup).

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